This existing facility needed a refresh in technology, design and content. We tackled this challenge by installing a few new exhibits. The first was a series of electrostatic touch tables. From afar, these pedestals looked like glowing table tops with no monitor in sight. When a visitor would touch or move an artifact, a monitor would reveal on the wall and start playing a video. This was a clean way for us to have a lot of monitors in this facility without the clutter. A second exhibit was an interactive video wall. This wall had two user modes: full screen, where all nine monitors acted as one large playback systems for videos, and individual interactive mode. In this mode each screen got it’s own content and users could interact with the content through the touch screens. 3Stage also wrote and installed a custom version of the 3SAdmin software, which enabled the docent to load their own content and setup various presets on the wall.

Executive produced by The Brand Experience of Cincinnati, OH